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4 Possible reasons why your car key is not working anymore and what to do?

Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. They are part of our daily routines and they come in handy whenever you need a reliable method of transport. However it can be extremely bothersome if suddenly your car key is not working anymore. A car lockout can be a frustrating scenario as realizing you have no way of getting in your car can cause a lot of stress for anyone. In this case you may be wondering why your car key is not working and what you can do to fix it. In this article we will cover four of the main reasons why your car key may not be working and give you the possible solutions.

Dead Batteries

What first comes to mind when your car key is not working is checking its batteries. Sometimes the reason may be as simple as dead batteries and many people quite often forget to check them or replace them. If you need to change the batteries of your car key don’t worry as it is very simple. First you have to take the key fob shell apart. Then look at the battery in order to find the part number. You should take a picture of that number or write it down and then go to an automotive parts store and look for a replacement. Most stores will have a matching battery for your car key. A locksmith will also be able to provide you with matching batteries as well. 

In some cases your car key may still not work even if you change the batteries. However this doesn’t mean that your car key is broken. It may be the case that the device needs to be reset or reprogrammed. Don’t worry as a locksmith can easily reset or reprogram your car key which means that you don’t have to replace it.

Damaged Key Fob

In some cases that is you may be related to a damaged key fob. After frequent use your car key may wear out. Sometimes the buttons on your car key may also wear out in time. If after changing the batteries your car key is still not working, damaged buttons may be the reason why. The buttons on a car key fob use contacts to transmit signals to a circuit board whenever they are pressed. These contacts can wear out over time which can cause the key to stop working.

Sometimes damaged buttons only work when you press them in a certain way. Similar to your TV remote, if you find yourself pressing them repeatedly or in different angles so that they work, maybe it’s time that you consider getting a car key replacement.

Since these car keys have become more advanced, usually you will need the assistance of a professional locksmith to provide a complex solution to your problem. With modern key fobs reprogramming is the best choice and it can only be done through professional equipment. Some later generation key fobs use signal encryption for extra protection against criminals therefore it is necessary that you contact a professional locksmith to properly identify your issue and effectively solve it.

Broken Car Door Lock

In some cases your car key not working has nothing to do with the key fob itself. Even if the buttons are perfectly working and the battery is fully charged your car doors may not unlock. This could mean that there is a problem with the car doors. 

Although it may seem more complicated to solve a car door lock issue, a professional locksmith can easily fix it. A trained and experienced locksmith has dealt with such situations multiple times therefore they are used to providing quick solutions. They will evaluate the complexity of your case and tell you if the door needs to be disassembled. In some cases the car door lock may need to be rekeyed.

If you’re thinking of trying to do this work yourself in order to lower the costs, we recommend that you leave it on the hands of a professional. If you do not properly repair the car door lock or successfully replace it it will be much more costly to fix the overall problem in the future. An auto locksmith in Las Vegas can easily identify your issue and provide the most cost-effective solution to your problem in no time. Whether you need to replace your car door or simply rekey its locks, a reliable locksmith will let you know what is the best course of action.

Other Electrical Issues

The last resort would be considering some other electrical issues as the reason why your car key is not working. If there has been some damage to the car’s electrical system it can cause the car key to stop functioning.  After you tried to change the batteries or repair the car door lock consider electrical issues another reason why your key fault is being tricky. This is why you should always trust a professional to disassemble your car door or make repairs as these processes expose wires and other parts to potential damage which can be harder to fix later on. If you suspect electrical issues are the reason why your car keys are not working we recommend calling a professional Las Vegas locksmith to identify the cause and provide a proper solution.

Why should you contact an auto locksmith when your car key is not working?

Whatever the reason may be for your car key not working, calling a professional locksmith is always the best solution. An automatic Las Vegas locksmith can provide mobile services directly to your location. They have the right tools and equipment to properly find a solution for your car keys without causing any damage to your keys or vehicle. 

Professional locksmith can easily reprogram your car keys in a matter of minutes. They can quickly diagnose the situation and identify the reason why your car keys are not working, saving you time and money. By calling a professional locksmith you will not have to wait for somebody to tow your vehicle into a shop in order to fix your car keys or door locks. A locksmith will be well-equipped to program or replace your car keys at affordable prices and with exact precision.

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