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4 Things to Consider For Commercial Door Lock Repair

If you are a business owner and you want to optimize the security of your property, employees and clients, you should make sure that every single one of your door locks is working properly. A commercial locksmith can help you ensure that your building is adequately secured by testing, monitoring and repairing your door locks. Read on to learn more about how commercial door lock repair services work.

Opening The Commercial Lock

Before your locksmith can start with any door lock repair services, the door must be opened and unlocked. If the faulty door lock doesn’t allow the door to close, the situation is a bit less complicated. However, if your damaged door lock has become the cause for a house lockout, you should contact an emergency locksmith as soon as possible. A building lockout situation requires the assistance of a professional locksmith who has the right tools and expertise needed to open a stuck door.

Many kinds of commercial door locks can be opened in ways that don’t require dealing with the broken keyway. In case the lock is completely stuck the locksmith may need to drill the door lock in order to pull it out. This often results in the need for door lock replacement apart from repair.

A professional can recommend the best way to handle a faulty door lock with the least amount of expenses needed. They may even perform a destructive entry that won’t damage the lock to the point that it must be completely replaced. That’s why it’s best that you always contact a locksmith before trying to proceed with fixing the issue on your own.

Main points:

  • A lockout can sometimes occur as a result of a broken commercial lock.
  • In order to repair a door lock the door must first be opened.
  • If the lock is damaged up to a certain point, a destructive entry may be needed.
  • A destructive entry can be repaired even without a complete replacement for the lock.

Diagnosing The Issue

In order to properly repair a commercial door lock a proper diagnosis must be executed. Unless you are extremely familiar with the mechanisms of a door lock, you will need the assistance of a professional commercial locksmith. Commercial door locks can be very intricate, even more so in case it’s an electronic lock. Dealing with an electrical system requires the expertise of a professional locksmith. They have the right tools and knowledge to diagnose and troubleshoot an electrical lock issue.

If the door lock works with fingerprints, the touch screen and the scanning devices may need to be recalibrated. Software issues or energy malfunctions may also interfere with the functionality of your electrical door lock. In such cases, it’s not a matter of simply fixing a typical broken door lock. That’s why contacting a professional commercial locksmith is always the best idea. They can ensure an efficient and hassle-free solution for your door lock issues.

Main points:

  • In order to repair a faulty door lock you need the right knowledge and expertise.
  • If you’re dealing with an electronic door lock you will surely need the assistance of a professional locksmith.
  • Sometimes the issue lies within operator errors or software malfunctions.

Commercial Door Lock Repair

What does commercial door lock include? Basically, it involves servicing a door lock so that it becomes fully functional again. This eliminates the need to buy a new lock. Sometimes, the process includes simply using a door lock lubricant. In other cases, replacing a few components may be necessary. 

Proper lubrication can help take away any build up or rust accumulated inside the locks. If you simply need to replace some faulty parts, you need to have the right access to the components that must be replaced. In any case, you must clean the door lock before proceeding with the door lock repair. 

Mortise lock replacement can usually be evaded in most of the cases, since this type of door lock is designed to be easily repaired. Because of the modular build of the door lock, you can typically fix the issue by replacing the swap latches, springs, cylinder, etc.

Some of the main factors which determine whether lock replacement or lock repair is needed include the costs and the convenience. If your property or business is protected with a high-security system, door lock replacement may be too expensive. Replacing door locks if a master key system is involved can also be a bit more costly compared to door lock repair services. 

Main points:

  • Commercial door lock repair services involve fixing a faulty lock so that its functionality is restored.
  • Sufficient lubrication and proper cleaning are some of the easiest door lock repair methods.
  • Door lock repair is usually a cost-effective solution as it involves fixing the components that are broken without replacing the whole lock.
  • In case when high-security door locks are faulty, door lock repair is usually a more affordable option than door lock replacement.

Commercial Door Lock Replacement

Commercial door lock replacement is needed in cases when the lock is so severely damaged that repair is not an option. Even if you take proper care of your locks and perform regular door lock maintenance services, there might come a time when the door lock needs replacing. 

This includes changing the entire lock for a brand new one in one single session. The procedure is straightforward and with the right professional locksmith everything can be done in a short amount of time. First, the locksmith will take apart the existing door lock. After removing it from the door, he will proceed with the new lock installation. 

It’s important to contact an efficient commercial locksmith who has the right knowledge in lock replacement. The new door locks must not violate any building codes while ensuring optimal security. If you wish to replace your faulty door locks for another lock type of the same brand, the process is relatively easier, as the locksmith will not have to do any guesswork. Instead, he can immediately proceed with the new lock installation.

Main points:

  • In cases when the door lock is damaged beyond repair, lock replacement is necessary.
  • In order to install a new lock, the door must be open and the original door lock must be removed.
  • A professional locksmith will make sure that the new door locks will not be in violation with any of the building codes.
  • If you need assistance with choosing the proper locks for your business, a commercial locksmith can provide the right advice for you. 


Your business’s security is highly dependent on your door locks being functional. In case you’re experiencing issues with your office’s door locks, you should consider door lock repair services. However, if the door locks are too severely damaged, lock replacement services may be a better option. If you’re determining whether you need commercial lock replacement or lock repair services, consider how much you’re willing to invest in time and money. If you’re unsure which type of service works best for your needs, contact a professional commercial or emergency locksmith. They can provide the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to make an informed decision.

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