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Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks

Do you ever feel like the locks you have are not properly secure? Whether you have lost a pair of your keys, moved into a new house, experienced a security breach or burglary, rekeying your locks so that you’re the only one with access to them may give you the peace of mind that you need. Rekeying a lock means replacing its internal pins so that a new key works for them. It’s different from completely changing your lock but it offers the same level of security.  Although some situations call for a complete lock change, rekeying locks comes with many advantages. Read on to learn more about the benefits of rekeying your locks.

Suitable for a variety of issues

There are many reasons to replace your home or business keys. Rekeying is good for most of these cases. When you purchase a new house, everyone who still has the old pair of keys can access your house, whether it’s the previous owner or the person who gave them the keys. That’s wh to guarantee your protection and privacy it’s best to rekey your locks so that only your current keys work for them. 

Even if it is a new house, it is necessary to change the lock after all the work is completed. Many different contractors will likely have copies of the keys and you don’t want them flying around. Because your house is new, it’s not necessary that you replace the entire locking system, so rekeying might be the best option. 

The same applies if you are remodeling your current home. If you have given a pair of your keys to different contractors who needed access to your home, it can be hard to keep track of all copies of your keys. So, if you choose to rekey your locks instead, none of the old keys will work, guaranteeing you’re the only one with access to your home. 

Locks can also be changed when the home’s inhabitants change. Maybe you have a roommate moving in, or you’re divorced and want to move your spouse away from home. Another common situation is lost keys. As long as your current lock is working properly, lock rekeying is an easy way to render lost keys useless. Lock rekeying is also beneficial in cases when your locks are worn out, weak, damaged, or rusty. 

Easy way to fix a security breach 

Having your locks rekeyed can be done very quickly without any need for new hardware. Basically, you don’t need to wait until you find the right new locks and hardware, when you can simply have your old locks rekeyed. A professional locksmith will typically need only 10 to 15 minutes to properly rekey each lock.

If you are worried about having another security breach due to broken or lost keys it may be the best solution for you. If a security breach has happened in your house recently breaking your legs will guarantee your peace of mind protection and security. Contacting an emergency locksmith will guarantee that you regain control of your house in the shortest amount of time possible. This means that you can feel protected in case another security breach happens. 

Breaking your loss can also decrease the amount of time that you are exposed to a security breach risk. Imagine if you lost your key or somebody stole them. You would be nervous until your locks are updated. Therefore, a quick solution such as lock rekeying is usually the best option in such cases

No need for new hardware

If you are happy with your current locks you may want to consider lock rekeying.  A residential locksmith will only need to change the pins inside instead of changing the locks themselves.

This can be a time saving alternative as you will not need to look for new hardware.  Finding new logs that fits with the style and aesthetic of your house can be tricky and time-consuming. Therefore if your current locks are not old, damaged or broken and they match the look of your home you should probably want to keep them. In order to guarantee the protection and privacy of your house you can simply rekey your locks.  

Another benefit of rekeying your old locks is that it can be very good for the environment. By using less materials you’re generating less waste which means that this is an environmentally friendly solution. 

A cost-effective alternative

The most cost-effective solution to guaranteeing your privacy and protection is key rekeying. Replacing the pins of your current locks is less expensive than replacing the whole lock. Moreover if you choose to install a new lock you should consider the fact that it means more work for the locksmith. In turn that would be a more expensive service. In addition lock rekeying doesn’t require you to purchase new hardware which translates into a more cost-effective option. 

Customized locks

If you purchase new locks at the store you can only choose among the options available there.  However if you ask a locksmith to customize your current locks they can easily do so providing you with more protection and a better sense of security. Customizing your lock pins so that they work in an entirely new way can be a more authentic and effective solution to your problem. Knowing that your locks are customized according to your requests can guarantee you better peace of mind.

Master key option

If you choose to rekey locks you can choose to have a master key option as well. Your locksmith can easily set up your lockt so that only one key works for all of them. This is a favorite option for many people who wish to carry less keys with them. Since you will not need to carry multiple keys around, accessing your home can be much more convenient.

Ability to frequently change locks 

If you need to change your locks frequently, lock rekeying can be a more effective option as it is easier to do and it costs less. For example, if you are a business owner you would have to change your locks every time you change employees. Or if you are a landlord you would have to change locks if a tenant leaves. Instead choosing to rekey your locks can grant you an easier solution to this problem without having to change your hardware. Therefore, if you need to change your locks pretty often consider lock rekeying as the most cost effective alternative.

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