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Can A Locksmith Reprogram Car Keys That Are Already Programmed

If you’ve ever wanted to reprogram a car key you’ve probably wondered whether a locksmith can perform this service even if the key is already programmed. Getting a car key to work for another vehicle can be extremely useful. There are many things that go into reprogramming a car key. In this article we will cover everything there is to know about this car key replacement service. Read on to learn more about what an automotive locksmith can do for you when it comes to car key reprogramming.

The types of car keys that can be reprogrammed

Electronic car keys come in two main categories. We have hybrid car keys, which are a fusion of electronic and physical keys also referred to as transponder keys. There are also fully virtual electronic car keys which involve using a car key fob. These keys don’t have a metal blade as physical keys do.

If you’re wondering whether you can replace your car remote or keys, read these two brief descriptions so that you can better understand each type. Surely, there are some differences between reprogramming car keys and replacing car fobs.

Transponder Car Keys

If you are dealing with an ignition key that has a blade made of metal you should check whether the key bow has a remote key. The bow is the part that you hold while using the key, usually rectangular or circular in shape. Transponder chips are installed inside the key bow. Thus, by observing this element you can initially determine whether you need to reprogram your transponder key or replace it.

Car Key Fob

If you use a car key fob to start your car there is no need to observe the key. Instead, you should check the ignition. If it has a button instead of a keyhole, you are working with a key fob. Key fobs are generally a bit more complicated. Therefore, reprogramming them is a more complex process. An automotive locksmith knows how to work around the key fob’s security controls.

When car key replacement involves a fob it should be left on the hand of an experienced locksmith. They have the necessary expertise needed to reprogram a car key fob. If they need to utilize any new components or reprogramming equipment, they have the right tools to do so.

Reprogram Car Key With Transponder Chip

The first difficulty involved in reprogramming a car key with a transponder chip is that the physical key must be cut before the locksmith can program it. Thus, you cannot recut a physical key. That’s why it’s hard to avoid car key duplication services and their costs by buying used parts. Nevertheless, let’s consider reprogramming a transponder key if it hasn’t been cut already. Although highly unlikely, the process would go as follows:

Reprogramming A Car Key Using A Spare:

  • First, take a look at the manual that comes with your vehicle. There should be some valuable information on how to manipulate the keys for your car.
  • Then, insert the spare car key into the ignition.
  • Tweak the spare key until the vehicle goes into programming mode.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to open and close the car doors.
  • You will know that the car is in programming mode if the car doors lock or a notification flashes on the dashboard. In some cases a specific sound will notify you that the process was successful.
  • Then, insert the key that needs to be reprogrammed into the ignition.
  • Tweak the key as per the instructions on the manual.
  • Turn off the programming mode. This is typically accomplished by simply removing the key out of the ignition. 
  • All that is left is to try out the reprogrammed key.

Reprogramming A Car Key Without A Spare:

  • First, contact a professional automotive locksmith. Locksmith car key replacement or car key reprogramming services are usually much cheaper than a car dealership.
  • The automotive locksmith can provide you with a blank key or he can proceed with reprogramming a key you give him.
  • The good thing about contacting a locksmith is that they will only use products and keys that they can ensure will work.
  • In  order to get the specific key code for your new key’s blade gloves you need the VIN. Alternatively, the locksmith can use specialty equipment to decode the ignition’s cylinder.
  • Next, the locksmith will gain access into your vehicle’s onboard computer.
  • Once the new car keys are inserted into your vehicle they will be programmed. Afterwards, he can remove and reprogram them.

Reprogram Car Key Fob

Granted that electronic parts of the car fob are functional, it’s definitely possible to reprogram a fob that has already been programmed. However, if the key fob is faulty and out of function, the issue would be quite more complicated. The main possible reason why you would be unable to reprogram a car key fob would be if the electronics are broken or damaged.

It is crucial that the car key that needs to be reprogrammed matches the model and year of your vehicle. Sometimes there are crossovers between cars that have been made in the same year. However, only a matching production year cannot guarantee success. It’s always best to carefully check the model, as well as the numbers of the components before buying a car key replacement. This will ensure that you don’t waste money on a product that won’t work for you.

Reprogramming A Car Key Fob With A Spare:

  • Check if your vehicle has a manual explaining a programming procedure.
  • Note that self-programming a car key for a vehicle produced after 2010 is quite rare.
  • If a self-programming procedure is available for your vehicle, check the manual for specific instructions.
  • If DYI programming is not possible, utilize a device made for code capturing.
  • If your car fob is functional, you can simply detect the signal. Then, you can program this signal into the new fob.
  • If you don’t have this type of device contact an automotive locksmith. He should have all the necessary tools and equipment needed for programming your car key fob.

Reprogramming A Car Key Fob Without A Spare:

  • First, contact a locksmith. He will let you know what kind of key fob you should get for your car. 
  • After purchasing the car key fob that you wish to have reprogrammed, you should open your car.
  • Next, the locksmith will access the onboard port to start your vehicle diagnostics.
  • In order to reprogram the new key, your automotive locksmith will utilize a series of specialized tools and equipment.

Why Do Car Keys Need To Be Programmed?

Nowadays, the blend of electronic and physical controls has become popular as a theft prevention mechanism. At this point, car ignition keys were the same as house keys, made of metal blades with specific grooves which would interact with the ignition’s cylinder.

These conventional keys made car key replacement very straightforward. All that you needed to do was cut the new keys. The only thing that could pose a problem would be having no spare keys to perform the duplication process. Nevertheless, a locksmith could easily access your key code via your vehicle identification number. Alternatively, he could use one of the car locks and its cylinder to identify the key code. Thus, the whole process was quite simple.

This made getting a new car key a piece of cake. The only necessary tools were a screwdriver or hammer in order to make the ignition cylinder turn. If electronic elements are involved, the locksmith needs to access a secondary code that is digital. This code is transmitted wirelessly together with the rotating of the key. 

These components improved the security and protection of vehicles in general. However, they also made car key replacement a bit more difficult. With the continuous advancements in technology DIY car key reprogramming is quite complicated. Therefore, relying on a professional automotive locksmith is highly suggested. These experts can work with all kinds of car keys, ensuring quick and effective reprogramming services. Moreover, they have the right equipment needed for these processes.

How Can I Find The Best Car Key Reprogramming Near Me?

A Farmers locksmith is the best option if you’re looking for reliable and affordable automotive locksmith services in Las Vegas. They ensure efficiency, convenience, the right expertise and affordable prices. Moreover, a professional locksmith company can gain access to any key codes and electronics needed for your specific case.

Differently from DIY car key reprogramming, professional car key replacement services don’t necessarily require you to have a spare key. A locksmith expert can assist you in reprogramming a car key even when you don’t have the original one, ensuring a reliable solution even for car lockouts. The access to special decoding devices and other tools allows these professionals to find a solution for any type of issue.

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