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Hiring a Las Vegas Locksmith to open gun safes: Is it possible?

If you’re wondering whether a locksmith can open a gun safe then the answer is yes. In order to understand how this is possible we will talk about what a gun safe is and how can a professional emergency locksmith regain access to it. This kind of service can be extremely useful in case your gun safe keys are lost, stolen or broken. Read on to learn more about hiring and Las Vegas locksmith to open gun safes.

What is a gun safe?

Not any safe where you can put your gun can be considered a gun safe. In terms of legal specifications there are specific attributes and dimensions that characterize a gun safe. Of course you don’t need to own a gun to use a gun safe. It’s important to understand the difference between a gun safe and a lockbox since the costs for opening each other differ. Generally speaking the cost for opening a lockbox is lower. 

For a safe to be considered a gun safe there is a list of requirements including:

  • Its doors must have 7-gauge steel plate reinforced construction. 
  • They must have at least ½-inch thick steel locking bolts.
  • Their walls must be of 12-gauge steel.
  • The door hinges should be secured.
  • The combination locks should at least have three digits or 10,000 possible combinations.
  • Drill resistant steel must be used for all locks. 

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox on the other hand doesn’t meet the requirements of a gun safe but it can be used to store any assets that you want to protect. However a lockbox is easier to open and they provide relatively less security than a gun safe. A lockbox may be made of a hard material, sometimes even plastic. If you’re looking for optimal security we do not recommend using a lockbox. However if you are already using one it would be easier for a locksmith to open it.

Can a locksmith open a gun safe?

In order for a locksmith to open your gun safe they may have to  Force their way into the safe. As these devices are extremely protected it is understandable that a locksmith will have to damage it a little. However this damage doesn’t compare to completely destroying your safe, as  that would be extremely inconvenient. 

In most cases any damage that comes as a result of a locksmith opening your gun safe can be easily repaired. This means that opening your gun safe is a cost-effective alternative to buying a completely new one. In case of a gun safe lockout situation it is always best to contact a professional locksmith since they offer a wide variety of locksmith services and have the necessary tools and equipment to properly regain access to your safe.

Touch Manipulation

One of the methods that can be used when opening a safe is touch manipulation. This is also what you often see in movies. In order to use touch manipulation to open a gun safe a locksmith will use their fingers to feel for the gates on the combination wheel. In order for this to be possible the safe  need to have a manual combination wheel. This type of technique however, is not commonly used as it requires extremely fine skills.

Destructive Entry

For a locksmith to properly open your gun says they will probably need to use some form of destructive entry. This can damage the safe however it doesn’t mean that you will have to completely replace it after the service is done. Usually a locksmith will drill a lock in order to open the safe. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will change the whole system of the gun safe. Sometimes a whole may be drilled into the safe so that another tool can be inserted into it in order to open it by reaching for the locking bar. In some instances a locksmith can use a borescope for manipulation. This device will be placed at the back of the dial. 

Other methods which can be considered destructive entry include cutting the safe open or breaking the door open. However these measures are a bit extreme and afterwards the safe would be unusable. A locksmith will always try to resolve the issue with little damage and possible so that you can use your gun safe again. Drilling a hole is usually the most effective alternative.

Why hire a Las Vegas locksmith to open a gun safe?

If you want to open a gun safe your best option is contacting a professional Las Vegas locksmith. Even though it may seem daunting at first a reliable locksmith can easily find a solution for your lockout situation. They have the right tools, equipment and training to manipulate these devices without causing any significant damage to the gun safe or its contents. Keep in mind that trying to open a gun safe yourself can be dangerous. A professional emergency locksmith knows the type of metal used for these devices so they can successfully drill or cut them without harming themselves. Whenever you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact  a locksmith in Las Vegas and they will guarantee an effective solution to your problem.

How much does it cost to open a gun safe?

You may be wondering if contacting a locksmith to open your gun safe is an expensive service. Keep in mind that opening a gun safe can differ according to the type of gun safe, how complicated it is and the level of security and sophistication it provides. 

Since these devices are created to be extremely safe and protected they are more difficult to open than a lockbox. However, opening a gun safe is always much less expensive than purchasing a new one. A locksmith can efficiently and quickly open a gun safe for you which will save you time and money. Always contact your locksmith and ask for an estimated quote for their services so you know what to prepare for.

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