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How to get a car key made without the original?

When it comes to cars, everyone knows having a functional key is pretty much a necessity. After all, how would you be able to use your vehicle if you don’t have access to its keys? Now, imagine if you accidentally break or lose your car keys. Wouldn’t that be stressful? In such cases, you may think about ways on how to get a car key made without the original. Although making a key replacement is much easier when you have the old key, there is a solution for instances when your original key is not present. Read on to learn more about what to do when you need a car key replacement without the original key.

Why do I have to make a car key without the original?

Although it is much easier to make a car key duplicate when you have access to the original key, in some cases that’s simply not possible. You might have lost your old keys or someone might have stolen them. In cush situations, you have to go through the steps of making  a key replacement without the original.

As we all know, having 24/7 access to your car keys is important. Having no way to get your car going can disturb your daily routine, as well as become problematic in case of emergencies. Therefore, having a spare key is oftentimes an easy solution to such problems. However, if you don’t have a pair of spare keys, you are going to be forced to look for some key replacement services in order to regain control of your car.

The reasons why you may need a new pair of car keys can vary. For example,  in case you lose your old keys and you don’t have any spare ones, you will need a car key replacement. In other cases, your old key might have been damaged and thus, copying the original pair would be useless. 

The latter happens more often than you’d think. Some drivers accidentally break off their car key in the lock, which forces them to have a new car key made. There are times when you can put the broken key pieces back together, but sometimes a whole new replacement is needed.

If you ever face such problems or a car lockout situation, you may start wondering if it is possible to duplicate a key when you don’t have it. Even though it happens to people all the time, most drivers still don’t know that there is an effective solution available for this problem.

Where can I get a new car key made without the original?

You will always have alternatives for fixing a broken or lost key issue. Contacting a professional locksmith is the first step. Getting quick and immediate help boils down to evaluating all the available options and picking the one that it is sure to work for you.

For many, what greatly influences the solution they pick is the cost of getting a car key replacement without the original key. However, most of the time the cost for such service aligns with other automotive locksmith services costs. 

When comparing the cost of getting a car key replacement from a locksmith rather than from your specific car key dealership, we notice that an automotive locksmith tends to be the most cost-effective choice. Not only will you save some money, but they will also offer convenience as they can assist you at your location, being mobile locksmiths. Ultimately, after evaluating the pros and cons, the final say is yours. 

Know the type of key you have

The first thing to do, whether you call a locksmith or reach out to a car dealership, is identify the type of key you have. This first part of the process will make way for everything else. After successfully determining what key you have, the rest of the process will be much easier. We know that a car key is related to the type of vehicle. Since every car is built differently, every key is built differently as well. 

Don’t worry though! It’s not necessary that you have your old keys on hand to identify what type of car keys you need. You only need to know whether your vehicle operates with a transponder key, mechanical key or a key fob.

It’s important that you know what type of car key works best for your car, as this kind of information will help you receive the proper key replacement in the end. It will also help your locksmith know if they need additional locksmith services for extra assistance early on.

Pick a car key replacement solution

After determining what type of key goes with your car, the next thing to do is pick a car key replacement solution. You can choose between doing everything on your own through a DIY method, making an appointment with your car dealership or contacting a locksmith.

Remember that the type of solution you pick depends on a variety of factors, including the overall costs, how quickly you want your new car key to be ready etc. After choosing an alternative for getting your car key replaced without the original, you will need to collect some information on your vehicle. We will talk about that later on.

The most influential factor when it comes to deciding upon a car key replacement solution is the cost. The option which will generally save you more money and time altogether is contacting a professional locksmith to produce a new pair of keys for your car. This is why people tend to pick this option.

Collect the needed information about your car

After settling on a car key replacement option, make sure that you have gathered all the information needed to produce your new set of keys. This information is crucial for your locksmith, so that they can properly assist you.

In order to make a car key replacement when you don’t have the original pair you will need your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN which is not hard to find. The whole information gathering process is actually very easy. You simply need to be equipped with the right bits of information. This means you should have your VIN and proof of ownership for your vehicle. You can find the VIN by looking at your vehicle’s dashboard or engine bay. If you find it difficult to spot the numbers ask your locksmith for help and they should be able to handle everything for you.

Having your vehicle identification number makes identifying your key type much easier. In turn, this facilitates the whole key replacement process. A professional locksmith will have the necessary knowledge on key codes to then connect the dots. This is why locksmiths are a great help when it comes to providing car lockout services when the original pair of keys is missing, as they have the right tools and expertise to deliver effective solutions.

Wait patiently for your car key replacement

After you’ve done your part you just need to wait for your locksmith professional to cut and prepare your new keys. Since they don’t have the original pair, this process may take a bit longer than usual, however they will still provide a quick solution to your problem. 

Since the original keys are not accessible, the locksmith will have to make use of the VIN and then go through a long database of vehicle keys information so that they can find the right match for you. However, when you face such problems, you can rest assured that a professional locksmith will get you access to your car much faster than you think. Afterwards, you can simply go on with your day.

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