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How Can You Restore Your Home Security After a Break-in?

No one wants to experience the trauma of a home break-in. It is an incredibly disorienting and upsetting experience. It can take a long time for the feeling of safety to be fully restored. Restoring your home security is an essential part of the process. As expert Locksmiths, we have created our top tips on how you can restore your home security to help you and your family feel safe. From lock replacement to installing security systems, our tips will help you improve the security of your home and make it a safe and secure place to live. We understand the importance of home security and are here to help you feel safe and secure as soon as possible.

What to do immediately following a break in?

It is easy to tell if someone has gotten into your house; doors and windows that have been forced open, shattered glass, and possessions strewn about. Your natural reaction may be to look around and start tidying up, but that is not recommended; the police should be your first call.

Contact the police

It is recommended to go to a secure location, such as your vehicle or a neighbor’s residence, and contact the police to report a break-in. If it is not a life-threatening situation, like your wellbeing is not in peril, then we suggest calling the police on the non-emergency number, 101. If you believe that there might still be persons inside your house, then dialing 999 for immediate assistance is suggested.

Take account of your missing items

Once the police arrive, they will collect evidence and testimonies, inquire if anyone witnessed anything, and determine which items you assume have been taken. They will subsequently compile a report and provide you with a case number; writing this number down may be beneficial for filing insurance claims and for keeping track of your case.

Take pictures

Capture images of your house, any shattered windows or entries and any valuable possessions. This will assist at a later date as the more proof you can offer, the more powerful your situation will be.

Call a Locksmith

Once the police have assured you that your property is safe, it is time to contact an emergency locksmith. Our experienced locksmiths are adept in replacing and repairing faulty locks, doors, and windows. In some cases, if the damage is beyond repair, a Locksmith can secure the property by temporarily boarding up and securing any broken doors and windows until you can have them fixed.

We always advise consulting with a locksmith to determine the most suitable security locks for your home, and what advantages they offer. Different locks provide various levels of protection, and having a high-security lock installed can help you feel more secure. Ask them for their recommendations on home security, and inquire about what can be done to your property to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

What to do within 24 hours of a break-in?

When a burglary occurs, some of the consequences are subject to a deadline, even though it can be a harrowing experience. Nonetheless, there are certain steps that must be taken without delay.

Make a list

At the time of the police’s arrival, they would have inquired as to whether any expensive items were stolen. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make a comprehensive list of the stolen items. These may include valuable jewelry, large electronic products, or personal documents such as credit cards or passports. To construct this list, one should search for the receipts that can demonstrate when and how much the item was purchased, and take into account how long the item has been owned and its estimated worth.

Call your insurance

Whenever you intend to create a claim, your insurance provider will probably have a certain protocol that needs to be implemented. It is important to note that the more proof you have, the better your claim will be and the more likely you are to receive the right amount of compensation. A few insurance policies have a time limit for when you should initially contact them about the claim, thus it is recommended to do it as soon as possible, even if you just notify them. 

If your home has encountered some damage, such as broken windows or doors, they might send someone to evaluate the damage. For any safety measures you have to implement, like boarding up or repairs, you can usually claim it back as long as you have a precise invoice and can demonstrate the damage that took place beforehand.

Call your bank

Even when you are uncertain of what was taken, it is advisable to contact your financial institution and inform them that you were the target of a robbery and to be on the lookout for any strange activity on your account.

Contact credit reporting agencies

Request for a notification of security that will serve as a warning for all creditors. This implies that if a robber obtains your confidential details, it will stop them from getting credit cards and loans under your name.

Securing your home to prevent further break-ins

Making sure your residence is safe from criminals is the main priority. It can provide you with a feeling of security that your abode is secure. Robbers are known for returning to the place of their last break-in, because they think that if they were successful once, they can do it again. Therefore, we strongly advise that you take preventive steps to guarantee that you are not an objective.

Install better locks

As previously stated, not all locks are the same, some have more advanced security features and anti-theft measures to make your home harder to break into. Enhancing the security of your home is not only comforting to you, but it also sends a message to burglars that you have taken steps to make yourself a less appealing target, with a higher risk of being caught.

Install motion activated lights

Areas with little or no light around the house and garden give potential intruders a place to hide, so it is wise to install motion-sensitive lights outside the house. This will make it harder for burglars to remain undetected, and also make your house less attractive to them.

Look into getting a security system

Setting up security cameras and burglar alarms are not just good ways to make you feel secure but are also excellent visual deterrents for prospective burglars. Ultimately, the best way to counteract crime and keep your house safe is to make it a less attractive target for criminals. If you want to find out more about our security advice, you can keep reading articles from our blog. Farmers Locksmith can help you get all the answers to your security concerns to optimize our protection.

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