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Security For Interior Doors: How To Choose The Right Interior Door Locks For Your Needs

When it comes to the security of your home or property, your interior door locks are very important. Making sure that your interior door looks are optimized and properly secured is crucial for your safety.  In this article we will discuss some of the main factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the door locks for your building. You should keep these tips in mind when considering interior door lock replacement as well. This blog post aims to help you better understand what interior doors and door locks are supposed to do, how they function and how you can choose the best type for your needs.

Facts about Interior Doors:

  • Interior doors are designed to help prevent the spread of fire in case of fire hazards.
  • By opening and closing the interior doors you can adjust the heating in your property, which can help reduce the heating and cooling costs.
  • Some hollow interior doors are not as strong as you may think.
  • In some cases, the door lock is stronger and more durable than the interior door itself.
  • These hollow interior doors are designed for ensuring privacy rather than security.
  • The interior door locks that are designed to ensure security have a solid and robust build.

Interior doors are a preferred choice for many people who are looking for additional privacy or safety. They are extremely beneficial in adjusting the airflow in buildings where central air conditioning is used. However, these interior doors cannot replace the need for a solid door which ensures the safety of your property. That’s because these interior doors are made of materials which cannot guarantee utmost security as normal doors do. 

You cannot do anything to make your hollow interior doors a sufficient security measure from intruders. However, you can optimize the security of your front door so that your interior doors can serve their intended purpose, which is ensuring privacy and perhaps, even creating a better aesthetic division for your home’s environment.

If you want your interior rooms to be efficiently secured, you should make sure to opt for a more solid and durable interior door instead of a hollow one. Preferably, your interior doors should be constructed of the same material as your front door to ensure the right protection for your interiors. Some of the most secure interior doors are made of metal, steel or iron cores. 

Facts about Inside Door Locks

  • The majority of interior doors are designed for privacy rather than security.
  • Most door knobs utilize spring-latches. 
  • However, deadbolts provide better security and more durability than spring-latch locks.
  • Your interior door locks may utilize a key or number combination to ensure your door stays locked. 

In most cases, you shouldn’t consider your interior door locks as a sufficient security measure. The hardware involved in interior door locks is usually designed to keep out people who might come into your room by mistake. They are intended to ensure better privacy for people who live in the same house. However, they alone would be insufficient for deterring intruders. 

Door locks that utilize spring-latches can sometimes easily be opened with a credit card. This may come in handy if you’re locked outside your room, however, these locks are not the best choice for your front door which is supposed to ensure the best protection for your property. Door locks with spring-latches can be found in interior doors, as they are simply meant to keep family members or roommates from wandering into your room unintentionally. 

Sometimes, people opt for a chain door guard or swing bar for their interior doors. No matter which type of lock you choose, keep in mind that if you have hollow interior doors, these locks cannot guarantee your protection from intruders as the door itself is not solid enough. If you install a solid interior door made of the same material as your front door, make sure to opt for a deadbolt or other high-security lock.

Bedroom: Inside Door Lock Advice

Security – If you live with roommates and you would like to provide an extra level of privacy and security for your room, you can choose an interior door that utilizes a keyed cylinder. If you remember to lock the door regularly, your room will be sufficiently protected from the risk of crimes of opportunity. 

Safety – If you get interior doors for your home, your residential locksmith should make sure that you can easily get out of your house in case of any emergencies. He will check if the door knob properly turns and make sure to lubricate the lock if necessary. Some people prefer locks that can be opened with a thumb turn or with a button so that it is easier to get out if they need to.

Usability – Ensure that your door locks are properly installed to avoid getting locked out of your room. A misaligned strike plate may be bothersome to deal with later on, so make sure to have your interior door locks installed by a professional.

Bathroom: Inside Door Lock Advice

Security – Bathroom interior door locks are definitely not designed to ensure security. However, they are crucial in making sure your privacy is guaranteed, especially if you live with other people. That’s why the change in cost for different door lock types usually depends on different polishes, finishes and materials.

Safety – In case of emergency, you should be able to get out of your bathroom as easily as possible. Statistically speaking, the majority of household incidents occur in the bathroom. That’s why you need to make sure your bathroom lock allows for easy access in and out of the bathroom at any time. 

Usability – Your bathroom door locks should work properly so that your door won’t accidentally slide open. As long as your door locks are properly installed and your professional locksmith double checks their functionality you should be good to go.


Although interior door locks are not meant to ensure security, you can choose the right interior door for your needs. They can be very beneficial when it comes to ensuring your privacy from your roommates or family members. If you want to install interior door locks for your house, make sure to contact a professional locksmith. They can suggest the best interior door types for your needs to ensure your satisfaction.

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