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Security Systems

In 2007, we successfully established our security systems department in Las Vegas, made up of qualified experts in security systems’ design, installation and maintenance. Since then, we have continuously provided high quality security systems services guaranteeing the protection of your property, building, and employees. 

Our avant-garde technology and security system brands enable us to design and install comprehensive security systems for both residential and commercial customers, fit to provide all kinds of security services, from minor security solutions to systems covering a network of buildings. 

An efficient security system combines a variety of security solutions and features in order to provide optimal protection for your property or business. Our security systems are customized according to your requests and budget and they include the following systems.

Image showing our security systems company Las Vegas.

Security Consulting

Different buildings, properties or businesses require different security specifications and features. As our client’s needs for protection differ, the key to our security systems’ efficiency is their customized designs. We provide free on-site assessment for your property, in order to identify and understand your needs, so that we can offer the best security system for you.

Access Control Systems

If you need to manage doors, elevators, gates and turnstiles easily, access control systems are the best alternative for you. They enable quick and efficient locking/unlocking and tracking management of entries and exits. With many options available, such as card or fob access control systems, keyless entry, biometric access control, web-based access control or smartphone/tablet/PC remote control, you’re bound to find what works best for you.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems provide an easy way to connect with your visitors via audio and/or video. Remote management is also possible thanks to app-based intercom systems. This way, you can unlock your doors remotely, talk to your guests and avoid any unwanted visitors simply with a click of a button. Intercom systems are truly the most efficient access control system for commercial or multi-tenant buildings.

Security cameras & surveillance systems

In order to provide bulletproof security for your building or property, we provide CCTV security cameras with either DVR or NVR. Highly beneficial when it comes to deterring crime and providing evidence for any illegal activities, our wide variety of surveillance systems will provide you with the best on-site or remote management options, for optimal security and guaranteed peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

If you need reliable and highly responsive alarm systems for your residential or commercial property, buildings or offices, we’ve got you covered. Alarm systems provide a sense of security and the much needed protection against theft and break-ins. Apart from their warning sound, some models can also notify you of any disturbances remotely so you can take swift action to protect your property.

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