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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security with Smart Locks

Smart locks are an excellent way to upgrade your home security with minimal hassle. These locks are connected devices that grant access by means of a pre-set passcode or app. Rather than fumble with keys, which can become lost or stolen, simply open the door with the press of a button or swipe of your finger. A smart lock can be installed on any door—from front entryways and back exits to side passages and basement entry points. If you’re interested in getting a smart lock system for your home make sure to contact a professional residential locksmith.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a connected device that can grant access to your home by remote control. This can be done through a pre-set passcode or an app, and is more secure than a traditional key lock. Some smart locks feature keypads as well as biometric scanners, and can grant access to guests as needed. There are many different types of smart lock available today, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. 

Some models use Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones and track who enters the home. You can send virtual keys to guests or service providers from the app, allowing them to open the door remotely whenever it suits them. There are also smart locks that come with built-in cameras and microphones, letting you watch and listen to your door remotely. These cameras can also act as motion sensors, alerting you when an intruder is detected.

Remote Access

A key feature of smart locks is their ability to grant remote access. You can grant entry to friends and family members via a smartphone app or Bluetooth connection, or you can use virtual keys to grant access on an as-needed basis. With traditional locks, guests have to track down the owner of the residence and ask for a key—a request that may or may not be honored. Instead of waiting for someone to return home and let you in, you have full control over who enters your residence. 

This feature also makes a smart lock a suitable option for managing employees and contractors. With a virtual key that grants access for a set period of time, you can grant contractors the ability to enter your home when necessary. And since virtual keys can be revoked at any time, you can maintain control over who enters your home and for what reason, without having to give out physical keys that could be lost or stolen. Make sure to contact a commercial locksmith as they can suggest the best smart lock system for your business’s needs.

Automated Locks

Many smart locks can be set to automatically lock behind you when you exit your residence. This is especially helpful if you live in a high-traffic neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic, and don’t want to be responsible for locking up each time you leave the house. Some smart locks also come with alarm systems. If someone attempts to break in while the door is unlocked, an alarm will sound until the door is closed and locked again. This can make it much easier to sleep safely, knowing that someone trying to break in will set off a loud, unmistakable alarm.

Lock-by-Date Timers

Smart locks with built-in timers can automatically lock your door at specific times of day. For example, you can set the lock to lock behind you each time you leave home for work, and automatically unlock when you come back. This can be helpful if you often have young children or pets at home, or if you share a residence with someone who is elderly or disabled. 

The lock can be set to automatically relock every night before you go to bed, and unlock again as soon as you rise in the morning. This can make it much easier to manage your home. If you share a residence with someone else, it’s important to discuss who will control the lock and when. Having the lock automatically relock each night can be a helpful security feature for everyone, but it can also be a source of frustration if only one person has access to the app.

Video Monitoring

Some smart locks come with built-in cameras that let you monitor the outside of your home from a smartphone app. This can be helpful if you frequently come home after dark and want to see who is outside. You can also set up motion sensors to trigger the camera when someone approaches the door. The camera can let you identify who is there, and you can unlock the door remotely as needed. These cameras also make it much easier to investigate break-ins and other crimes. Law enforcement personnel can connect to the cameras and watch footage as needed, making it easier to gather evidence. This can be especially helpful if the intruder breaks the lock and forces the door open before leaving the premises.


The most important thing when shopping for smart locks is to find one that works for you. You can also do research to find out which smart locks are the most reliable and secure, and come from trusted brands. There is a wide range of prices for these locks, and some are more expensive than others. It’s important to choose a lock that fits within your budget and makes sense for your home. A professional locksmith can suggest the best solution fit for your needs.

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