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What to do when the windows in your home in Las Vegas won’t lock?

Window locks are important when it comes to the security of your property and your loved ones. In case you’re having trouble with your window locks you may probably need to look for some type of window lock replacement services. Whether your issue can be handled on your own or it needs the assistance of a professional locksmith, it’s best that you address these problems as soon as possible. In case you’re wondering what to do when the windows in your home in Las Vegas won’t lock, keep reading to find some common issues as well as their solutions.

Windows won't lock and they stay open.

Understanding why a window won’t lock

Before finding a way to fix your problem you first need to identify why you are facing this issue. There are many reasons why the locks in your window are not working. Some of these problems can be easy to fix on your own, whereas others require a professional locksmith with the right tools and equipment. 

For you to be able to identify what is the reason for your problem it’s best that you understand how window locks work. There are two main components of a window lock: the keeper and the latch. When a window is locked the latch reaches into the keeper and secures itself in there. If your window locks are not working it’s probably because there is a problem happening in this connection point. With this in mind you can  identify the possible reasons why your windows  in your home in Las Vegas won’t lock

Not Closing Fully 

One of the most common reasons why  your house windows are not locking is because you are not properly pushing them to their closing height. This usually happens with double hung windows. In such cases they are two sashes for each window, which means that the upper and bottom panes can move. That’s why you should make sure to check both of them. In order to fix this problem you should press down on the bottom pane and push the top pane upwards. If your windows are single hung, you should move the window so that the pane can meet the top of the sill.  After you make sure that all is secure and in its proper place the window should be able to lock again.

Window not closing fully.

Distorted Interlocks

The interlocks of your windows are the lips that stretch out from the pane, from its top and bottom parts. If a window is properly closed these two interlocks rest on top of one another making sure the keeper and the latch are on the same plane. If one of these interlocks is bent then you should try to lift the bottom pane a few inches. Then you should try to press these two parts hoping that interlocks will bend in place. Afterwards try to lock the window again.

Misaligned Keeper

As we mentioned before the keeper and the latch are two components of a window lock. If these two components are not properly aligned with one another the window cannot lock. This happens as the latch will have nothing to secure into. In some cases this problem can be hard to notice on your own unless you properly inspect the window. In order to fix this issue you should try to unscrew the set of screws found on the sides of your keeper so that it can move more freely. Afterwards try to align the keeper with the latch. Once everything is in its proper place you can’t start tightening the screws. While doing so, try to move the keeper as little as possible.

Problems with not closing windows

Window channel is blocked 

One of the reasons why your window cannot close if its channels are blocked. If something has fallen into the channels of your window it will be impossible for the latch and the keeper to properly align. You can check if this is the case by moving your window and looking for any debris or waste in the way. While you’re at it make sure to check for any rough edges on your window as well. To fix this problem simply try to remove what is stuck on the window channel. If this task seems too complicated or if your windows are double hung consider contacting a locksmith for extra assistance. 

Lock is not fully engaged 

In some cases the problem may be your lock not fully engaging.  This can happen if your lock is dirty or rusty which would prevent it from expanding into the keeper. In some other cases the keeper may be blocked by something. Oftentimes this issue can be hard to identify since the build up of the dirt might not always be visible. In order to properly evaluate how clean your window is you would have to look deep into the components of the window.

If your luck is not fully engaging, cleaning your window is most likely the only thing you can do. If you’re dealing with rust you can try to remove it yourself or contact the professional. Whatever the case, to properly fix this problem You would have to remove the lock hardware. Only in this way can you properly clean the lock and deal with the rust. Sometimes you will have to polish the metal to properly get rid of the rust. If the latch will not engage probably due to build up grime make sure that you don’t use an oil lubricant and only install the locks when they’re dry.

Professional window repair locksmith in Las Vegas.

Professional Window repair and replacement service in Las Vegas

If none of the above mentioned solutions work, you may need to replace your window. If your window lock is broken, this would also call for window replacement. In order to make sure that your windows are replaced or repaired properly and in the shortest amount of time possible, it’s best that you call a professional locksmith in Las Vegas. A reliable locksmith can quickly fix any issue as they have the right tools, equipment and knowledge to guarantee effective solutions. Contacting a professional locksmith will save you time and money so consider this as the safest choice.

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